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We connect people to make impact together.

In today’s digital age, organizations are faced with new challenges when it comes to employee satisfaction and team communication.

HEJ offers programs to help companies produce better results by focusing on the way people work.  

Tips for effective remote teamwork

Working at a distance asks for a different way of collaborating. Here, we offer guidance on how to level up your remote team work

Tips for effective remote teamwork

Working at a distance asks for a different way of collaborating. Here, we offer guidance on how to level up your remote team work

It all starts with a simple hello.



Today, workers spend almost 50% of each day on digital vs. in-person communication, and more than half feel lonely as a result.

of all employees feel disengaged at work. 2/3 of remote workers is likely to quit. People nowadays tend to exchange flexibility for connection.

Connection increases engagement, reduces stress, and creates more happy feelings.  

HEJ helps companies to create a ‘we are in this together’ mentality in the workplace, which in turn, helps organizations to become more productive and efficient. 

It all starts with a simple hello.


That’s why we say Hej.


Hej-five for impact.

Whether you are growing your company or carrying out a new business strategy, you need your team to collaborate to achieve results.

Through a combined methods approach including business improvisation, behavioural science, and facilitation, HEJ gives you the tools and methods needed to build relationships and enhance effective habits at work.


Designed to help teams
work better together.


Looking for simple tools and tricks to improve workplace communication for better results? We design and facilitate workshops to help you achieve your team’s goals within a short period of time.

Outcome: increased connection through team building activities and facilitation techniques.

Strategy & Advice

Trying to come up with solutions that involve changing people’s behaviour? Looking for small adjustments to get results tomorrow? HEJ implements interventions to encourage positive behaviour.

Outcome: a better way of working through measurable results without big investments.

The HEJ programme

Willing to change the organizational culture and to move away from a top-down structure? HEJ offers a combination of methods to fundamentally change the way people work.

Outcome: structural changes in the way people work to achieve long term goals.


Our approach.

1. Understanding

We clarify the organizational needs to understand the desired outcome.

2. Action

We provide our services to align people, improve processes, and get quick results.

3. Follow-up

We summarize the outcomes and design a follow-up with advice for next steps.

some of our cases

They said HEJ.

Boutique Gym Amsterdam

"With the HEJ game, we got the chance to connect on a deeper level. I feel way more connected with my team now - work is more fun."
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Timewalk Innovation Agency

"The activities offered us a unique way to explore how business improvisation can improve a wide range of soft skills in the workplace."
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TMO Fashion Business School

“Hanne and Jennifer taught us collaboration and co-creation techniques. Their dynamic energy and enthusiasm lifted the group spirit."
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We're proud to work with


Let's collaborate.

about us

Meet the team

Hanne Gerhards

Improvisation Trainer & Team Facilitator


Jennifer Reinhard

Behavioural Scientist & Creative Analyst

Hanne Gerhards

Jennifer Reinhard

Improvisation Trainer & Team Facilitator

Behavioural Scientist & Creative Analyst

HEJ! We are Hanne & Jennifer, two people-oriented entrepreneurs looking to change how people work.

Seeing first-hand that teams were not reaching their full potential, we created HEJ with a mission to connect people to make impact together.

We help organizations drive change most effectively by focusing on empowering people.

Merging our backgrounds in innovation, behavioural science, technology, and theatre, we connect people with a wide variety of easy-to-implement tools and methods.

Through our services we improve everyday practices and structures to increase happiness and therefore productivity in the workplace.



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