We connect people to make impact together

In today’s constantly changing world, a sense of belonging and connection is key to bringing more happiness and productivity to the workplace.

HEJ offers programmes to train the essential skills people need to collaborate effectively
with everyone, from anywhere.

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How we work.

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Looking for ways to keep your team engaged and motivated?



Whether you are looking for ways to become more efficient or managing organizational change, you need highly engaged people to make it work.

By focusing on connection, HEJ increases workplace engagement and helps teams to become more resilient and productive.


It all starts with a simple hello.

That’s why we say HEJ.

They felt HEJ.


We say HEJ.

1. Empathy

With empathic listening, we diagnose the top priorities in your team.

2. Engagement

We design & facilitate engaging programmes to achieve high priority goals.

3. Empowerment

We empower people to take action to build a high performing team.

what we do

We connect people.

Our tailored programmes include assessments, consults, coaching, and facilitation. We use positive psychology to make work more meaningful, behavioural science to  enhance effective habits, and improvisation techniques to grow collaboration skills.


Online & offline.

for businesses

Strenghten your
company culture.

Build a team culture that aligns with your values and leads to high-performance and productivity. We help you to achieve your top priority goals by focusing on your greatest asset: your people.

for education

Support students &
level up teamwork.

Support your students and keep them motivated in times of change. In this programme, we give students the tools and methods to grow self-leadership, increase motivation, and to stimulate a growth mindset.

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Let's collaborate.


HEJ Academy.

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They felt HEJ.