For businesses

Strenghten your
company culture.

Build a team culture that aligns with your values to reach high-performance and productivity. We help you to achieve your top priority goals by focusing on your greatest asset: your people. This is how: 

  • We empathize with you and your team to design tailored workshops that fully address your specific needs
  • Instead of telling you what to do, we facilitate engaging tools and activities to reach top priority goals
  • When completing a programme, we empower teams to sustain behaviour change on the long-term


What previous clients got out of our programmes: 

✓ Higher levels of trust

✓ Open & honest communication

✓ Team alignment

✓ Boost in talent retention

✓ Healthy company rituals


Find some of our cases below. 


Beyond Fit

Creating a ‘we are in this together’ mentality

1. Empathy

Beyond Fit has a diverse, international team. Individual members come from different cultures and have different skill sets. The business was facing challenges regarding talent retention, which was affecting their ability to scale up.

2. Engagement

HEJ facilitated a two hour workshop to increase team alignment over their common purpose and values at work. Improv games were used to create an environment where team members could get out of their comfort zone and bond more easily.

3. Empowerment

By defining a common purpose and company vision together, the team members are now more aligned. The team is now using the HEJ game, introduced during the workshop, to engage their own clients and boost customer retention.

“I am already looking forward to coming to work tomorrow because I feel more connected to my colleagues after the HEJ workshop.”

- Luiz, Trainer at Beyond Fit

Vert Creation

Aligning partners on a team strategy

1. Empathy

Vert Creation is a team of two that started their company in 2019. As they started off doing projects without any strategy, the co-founders needed a structure in their teamwork to bring the quality of their services to the next level.

2. Engagement

HEJ delivered a two hour training to outline the team’s common purpose. A team framework and communication guidelines were facilitated to stimulate open conversations about the values and to gain clarity on the team’s needs.

3. Empowerment

The facilitated framework enabled the team to deeply reflect on their goals, roles, values, and common purpose. The training helped them to set up a strategy and to create actionable steps to reach their company’s goals.

“The workshop clarified our team’s needs and served as a great way to level up our teamwork. As facilitators, HEJ is able to create an atmosphere in which I am allowed to openly express my thoughts and feelings.”

- Danique Dobbe, Co-Founder & Stylist at Vert Creation


Stimulating team creativity with business improv

1. Empathy

Timewalk is a Corporate Innovation Agency in Amsterdam. As the company was going through an upscaling process, they were looking for ways to improve their teamwork and to come up with more creative solutions for client projects.

2. Engagement

HEJ facilitated a two hour workshop consisting of two parts. Improvisation activities helped to increase awareness of effective team communication. The Crazy 4 Game was then facilitated to collaboratively ideate with a ‘yes, and’ mindset on a specific challenge.​

3. Empowerment

Initially, some members of the team were skeptical and uncomfortable about improvisation. By the end of the workshop, they had been won over: the team reported increased motivation and learned techniques to come up with innovative solutions.

“The activities offered a unique way to explore how the practice of improvisation techniques can improve a wide range of essential communication and collaboration skills in the workplace.”

- Timon del Monte Lyon, Managing Partner at Timewalk