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Support Students & Level Up Teamwork.

Looking for ways to keep students motivated and engaged throughout the school year? This programme is designed to help students optimise their (online) teamwork.

During this programme, students learn essential skills needed to work better together with everyone, from anywhere. As a result, students feel socially engaged and intrinsically motivated to work with their peers on projects.


Clients are happy with HEJ because students reported: 

✓ Higher levels of engagement and self-motivation

✓ Better ability to manage teams

✓ Having the support they need to study remote 

✓ Feeling less lonely during their studies

✓ Higher levels of self-awareness


Find one of our cases below. 



Fostering Collaboration Skills in Student Projects

1. Empathy

The Covid-19 pandemic forced TMO Fashion Business School to rapidly shift to working online. HEJ was invited to design and facilitate a three month programme to make remote teamwork more fun, engaging, and efficient.

2. Engagement

The kick-off of the programme contained a 3 hour online workshop via Zoom for a group of 40 students. In this highly interactive session, students got familiar with Miro and learned how to set up a remote team strategy for their online collaboration.

3. Empowerment

In follow-up sessions, HEJ facilitated weekly coaching sessions to 8 teams consisting of 4 to 5 students to train communication skills, grow self-leadership, and to keep the teams motivated while working remotely.

“HEJ was very flexible in a situation that was new to us. HEJ is a good discussion partner that we can trust to follow up on agreements that were made. The communication was very open, always looking at what was possible.”

Sandra Nauta, Process Coordinator at TMO