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Boutique Gym Amsterdam

Creating a ‘we are in this together’ mentality


This project was with a Boutique Gym in Amsterdam with a diverse, international team who have different skill sets and come from different cultures.

The business was facing some challenges when it came to retaining talent; this was, in turn, affecting the management’s ability to further scale up the company.


HEJ carried out a two hour workshop to increase team alignment over their common purpose and values at work.

Business improv games were used to create a safe but fun environment where team members could get out of their comfort zone and bond more easily.

A team-collaboration framework was then used to help the team collaboratively define a common purpose.


By defining a common purpose and company vision together, the team members are now more aligned.

Feedback from the team following the workshop indicated that they felt more connected and able to express themselves at work.

They also subsequently used the HEJ game, introduced during the workshop, to engage their own clients and boost customer retention.

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