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Fostering Innovation with Business Improv


Timewalk is a Corporate Innovation Agency that equips organisations with the right strategy, tools and mindset to solve problems and seize opportunities to stay ahead of the game.

As the company is going through an upscaling process, they were looking for new ways to stimulate team building and foster creativity and collaboration for client projects.


HEJ facilitated a two hour workshop combining business improv with creative thinking theory.

The group focused on a specific challenge that the company was facing: how to collaborate better and come up with creative solutions.

More improv technique were used to help team members to build upon each other’s ideas collaboratively and, eventually, conceive one idea together.


Initially, some members of the team were skeptical about the HEJ workshop, visibly uncomfortable about the idea of being taught innovation as innovators themselves.

By the end of the workshop, they had been won over: the team was more energized and reported learning important techniques to work more collaboratively to reach creative solutions.

Let's collaborate.