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TMO Business Fashion School

Building collaborative teams


TMO is a Fashion Business School that educates students to become professionals in the fashion industry. In their 5th semester, students are encouraged to work on societal challenges together in groups of 10.

HEJ was invited to help students to come together in new teams, get out their comfort zone, and  collaboratively build new and refreshing concepts in a short amount of time.


HEJ carried out research into the profiles and interests of the students before the workshop to boost engagement. The outcomes were used to gauge opinions and desires around collaboration.

HEJ investigated what was needed to work better together. In co-creation with the Faculty Head, we developed a tailor-made workshop to stimulate collaboration and creativity among students.


During a 3-hour workshop, HEJ demonstrated different ways to come up with ideas together using a learning-by-doing approach. Students were challenged and supported to create out-of-the-box solutions.

The success of this workshop was measured using an interactive feedback platform, through which students expressed their satisfaction and team feeling after the workshop.

Let's collaborate.